Cool colours of dyed wool, used lemon-lime kool aid and yellow and blue food colouring with vinegar.

kool aid dyed wool

Warm colours of dyed wool (the purple does not show up so well in this photo), used cherry, grape, and orange kool aid.

kool aid dyed wool

Well, I got that basic spectrum of colour down and am now busy playing with the subtleties of the colours. The results of yesterday’s dyeing session were disappointing – a lot of greyish purple and medium pink and orange. This afternoon, I over-dyed pretty much everything with blue and that seems to be the magic solution! Everything is now in the process of becoming teal and blue and green and purple – yay! I will post before and after pics when those are dry.

Last night, I spun up some of the pink BFL wool I had accumulated so much of –

kool aid dyed wool on drop spindle

I have very confused feelings about this shade of pink. I love a really subtle, super-light blush of pink. I also like really vibrant magenta. But, in between is something I’m not sure of. Bubblegum and pepto bismol come to mind. And internal organs!

Speaking of magenta, here is the fleece artist hand-dyed kid mohair single from last post plyed using my drop spindle. It is so soft and shiny and really fun to spin.

kid mohair handspun