On a walk through my neighbourhood this morning I came across this beautiful tulip. I love flowers that have more than one colour on them, especially if they are split down this middle like this one:

half pink tulip

I had a lot of fun with my kool-aid dyeing yesterday, even though I had that limited palette. Most of the yarns I dyed yesterday are still wet, and I think I may re-dye them. SO, here are some of the spinning fibers I dyed.

Milk protein fiber takes the dye really well, it is splotchy here because I didn’t pre-soak the fiber. I used lemon-lime and tropical punch for these:

kool-aid dyed milk fiber

I also dyed BFL roving, and ended up with a lot of this shade of pink. This is BFL wool dyed with cherry and grape:

bfl wool dyed with kool aid

I read a lot about how hard grape Kool Aid is to dye with and it’s true – I got very splotchy results with it. Next time I want purple I think I will dye red and then over-dye blue.

As much fun as the kool-aid was, I needed BLUE. So, I purchased some food-colouring drops. They contain no acid, so to dye with them, you need to add vinegar or citric acid. It was my hope that I could use the leftover K.A. dye water if it had enough acid left in it for these other dyes. In the end, I did have to add vinegar to the blue dye.

Dye Baths of wool with Kool Aid and Food-colouring:

dye baths

That generally worked pretty well. I find blue a very difficult colour to exhaust from the dye baths. The red K.A. also has trouble completely exhausting.

A combination of Kool Aid and food-colouring on wool:

I finally took the fleece artist hand-dyed kid mohair out of my stash and started spinning it on my drop spindle (super shiny!!):

drop spindle kid mohair

For more information on food-safe dyeing knitty.com has some great articles and ravelry.com (ravelry ID required) has a whole group dedicated to Kool-Aid – What a kool way to dye, as well as some groups for dyeing in general – Colour by hand, and Love to dye.

I’m looking forward to sharing the fibers I dyed this afternoon very soon!