I’m back from the Ottawa Ladyfest craft fair – Tarts N’ Crafts. It takes place twice annually in fall and spring, so if there are any local readers out there who missed today, keep your eye out for this fair in the fall.

I arrived early in the hopes of finding some spinning fiber and I did! I’ll show photos of the beautifully hand-dyed wool/mohair blend roving I bought in the next post.

I forgot to charge my camera, but managed to take a few pictures of some of the high-lights of the fair before the battery ran out.

The first person I met was Kristyn who is the spinner behind Pleasurecraft on Etsy. What a great name for a craft shop, I love it! She was really sweet and I loved her colourful yarn and spinning fiber, they were super soft and squishy.

Next, I saw a familiar face from high school – Haley. She sells her handmade goods through her Etsy shop, Swing Low Studio.

Her stuffed animal designs are adorable and are made with really beautiful printed fabrics.

Another seller of cute plushies (among other things) was Adrienne from fabricawakuwaku stuffed animal collective. Her work has a great variety of textures and bright colours and she uses a lot of recycled and vintage fabrics.

A big thank you to my buddy Jayda who escorted me to the fair today! Lots of chocolate was consumed and we had a wonderful time 🙂