On my drop spindle over this past week has been a beautifully hand-dyed green and purple (and many other colours) BFL wool roving. I purchased it at last year’s Ottawa Weaver’s and Spinner’s Guild Annual Exhibition and Sale from Judy Kavanagh. Her website features her really nice hand-crafted spindles and some great resources for spindling and buying fleece on her links page.

Here is a small sample of the drafted wool, all shiny and lofty:

bfl wool roving

I spun two “spindle-fulls”:



and ended up with two beautiful skeins:


I am adding these to my growing pile of bulky hand spun yarn. Does anyone else have this problem at this time of year? I really am a seasonal knitter. I guess I am hoarding them until the weather gets cool again. Until then, I amuse myself by knitting lace. I have been very monogamous to my optic waves handspun shawl and was really pleased to see it on Cosy’s blog. I don’t have anything else on my knitting needles right now which is unusual but not that weird because I have become consumed with spinning yarn. The knitting of it has become somehow secondary. Now that’s weird πŸ™‚ I have some projects in mind to knit but I (of course) want to spin the yarn for those projects so a bit of planning is involved. I’m planning on having these projects on the needles soon: a summer shrug, a blanket, and something for a baby (yay!)…

… and the most all-consuming project of all, my upcoming line of hand-spun yarns, soon to be offered for sale!