The exciting announcement alluded to in the last post is that I have decided to start my own business! I am really happy about this because being self-employed has been my dream for a long time.

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Over the past few weeks I’ve had some really positive feedback on the yarn I’ve been spinning. That gave me the boost to start taking my crafting hobby seriously and take it to the next level. At this point, I am developing a line of hand-spun yarns. It is a lot of fun, frustration and hard work!

As I have been immersed in the “business” side of the craft business recently, I thought it would be nice to make up for the lack of spinning and crafting content on the blog and share some of the links I’ve been gathering. I would love it if anyone else wants to add their thoughts or links to relevant websites in the comment section.

Here are some high-lights from my growing list of craft business resources: has a number of great podcasts with a focus on crafty entrepreneurs – one of the interviews that most struck a chord with me was Kim Werker‘s Craftypod interview “Making a Creative Career”.

-The Craft Sanity Podcast has a category for craft business featuring some great features on self-employed crafters.

Chris Campbell’s blog has a great recent post full of advice on starting and running an Etsy shop (originally written by Susan Sheehan). has a huge collection of resources in blog/article form and in the forums for small craft businesses. My absolute favourite Storque column is “Quit your Day Job”, featuring stories of how people have taken their craft from a hobby and into a full-time job. It is very inspirational to read how others made it happen! I read it when I need a pick-me-up and to remember “This is possible!”

-The groups and forums of are an amazing source for finding answers to questions about starting and running a business. This site requires registration at this time but is well worth it if you are a knitter, crocheter or spinner. Some groups specific to entrepreneurs there are Entrepreneurial Dreams, Yarnies United, Small Business Owners, and Etsy Shops which has over 3700 members!

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The pictures in this post were taken by me last year.