This looks ridiculously luxurious:
milk spinning fiber

…and it is! It’s the milk protein fiber I was writing about in the last post. Here is the tiny ball I spun on my drop spindle:
milk yarn ball

It was slippery and silky to spin, and the individual fibers were so fine and slick it was a challenge to keep control of it all. I am looking forward to spinning a larger amount of it on my spinning wheel. In fact, I have merino singles on a bobbin, maybe I’ll ply some with this little ball of milk fiber. If you’ve spun this fiber before, please let me know if you have any tips.

Now for a shot of colour! A small one, first. Lots of dove grey with streaks of pale blue, really pretty and soft:

This navajo 3-ply yarn was spun from fleece artist hand-dyed merino wool.

Something a little more bright – Purple and turquoise:

This yarn is also navajo 3-ply and was spun from fleece artist hand-dyed merino wool.