I am so in love with spinning yarn. Here, it is raining. And like a spider, I’m spinning. This is a picture I took many months ago of webs in the rain on a bridge:
wet webs

Recently, I purchased some South African Fine wool and spun up some small skeins of bulky weight yarns.

One 3-ply yarn using the navajo chain-ply method:

One 2-ply:

And one single:

This is a beautiful fiber to work with. It’s properties are in-between BFL and merino, and it is a nice balance of the good qualities of both of those fibers. The only downside to South African Fine wool is that I did find it slightly shed-y under circumstances where other fibers had not shed on me – at least not nearly to that extent.

I have been spinning lots of samples of different styles and weights of organic merino yarn. I absolutely love that spinning fiber, and it is available at my local fiber shop as combed top. Unfortunately, today they were out of stock and are now awaiting the spring shearing’s shipment which should come in soon (fingers crossed, I really want to get my hands on some more of that lovely stuff!)

As I couldn’t leave there empty-handed, I purchased some beautiful BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) to play around with. I have spun hand-dyed BFL before (and really enjoyed it) but have never spun it un-dyed – it is a beautiful off-white cream colour. Its texture is slightly less smooth then merino and it has a light, airy fluffiness to it. I can’t wait to start spinning it!

I also have some milk protein fiber that is (of course) a beautiful milky white colour. It is very shiny and smooth and drapes nicely like silk. Pictures of my experiments to come soon – I’m thinking of spinning a fine two-ply yarn with a strand of the milk yarn as one of the plies. If anyone has any tips for spinning milk let me know!