I’d like to show you two different scarves that showcase the same yarn – cosymakeshandspun in colourway ambrosia salad, using two different techniques – weaving and knitting.

This yarn was one of the very first handspun yarns I ever knit with and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to learn how to spin so I could create something so lovely to craft with.

Woven scarf:
woven scarf

Woven scarf detail:
woven scarf detail

warp: commercially spun yellow and white yarn
weft: cosymakes ambrosia salad handspun and my own white single ply merino handspun

This scarf was woven on a card paper homemade loom I made using Travis‘ (action weaver) instructions as seen in this video:

Rainbow scarf:
rainbow scarf

Rainbow scarf detail:
rainbow scarf detail

This scarf was knit on side 15 needles (or drumsticks as I like to call them 🙂 )
yarns: cosymakes ambrosia salad handspun, my white merino handspun, and my handspun of Fleece Artist’s dyed merino

This was knit with some of my first handspun which turned out super thick and thin. I love the big, soft slubs of yarn that were in it and wanted to show them off so as I knit, I pulled and fluffed out some of them so they would pop out of the surface.