Embroidered Galaxy

I came across some embroidery I had done a few years ago in an art supply drawer. I sewed a few galaxies/ mandalas onto this purple velour shirt. The shirt wasn’t very attractive but the fabric became a great backdrop to this outer-space-inspired embroidery.

Diagonal Stripes Tea Cozy
tea cozy

Here I am so far with my Valentine’s tea cozy. Stranding colours is fairly slow-going work. But, I am learning so much during the process and am knitting with one colour in each hand. Pretty cool! This method speeds things up quite a bit and after working at it for a while, I look back on what I’ve done and am impressed by how much I’ve accomplished. I am getting more and more comfortable as I go with knitting continental-style (holding yarn in my left hand).

For an online video tutorial of stranded knitting including and many other tutorials, check out KnittingHelp.com. What a great resource! The demonstration knitter talks you through the process as well as showing you a few different methods.