This weekend I got the idea to knit a stranded colourwork tea cozy for my sweetie’s valentine. It is a gift I have been wanting to knit for a while and the process was sparked by finding a tea ball with a heart as its bauble. Of course, I’ve given myself a pretty brutal deadline. But, I guess like the (giant) scarf I knitted for him last x-mas, it will be okay if this valentine is slightly late. In fact, that x-mas scarf ended up as last year’s valentine’s present!

Tea Cozy Swatch
tea cozy swatch

I knit this gauge swatch because the DomiKNITrix made me! Just kidding! I knit it because I tend to knit puckered, uneven, hole-filled colourwork and I wanted to attempt to fix some of those problems while experimenting with checkerboard and diagonal stripes patterns. BEFORE I started knitting the cozy. I have decided that the cozy will have diagonal stripes with a light green border.

Speaking of the DomiKNITrix, I finished reading her book this weekend and really loved it and got a lot from it. At first glance through the book, most of the patterns seem beyond me at this time and that discouraged me a little bit. But, this book is much more than just patterns and has a substantial section on technique as well as many words of wisdom from the very experienced author. As the title suggests, the tone of this book can be rather harsh and although I hate to admit it, that was just what I needed to get serious about my knitting. I had been slacking off in the creativity department recently, not challenging myself, not trying out new things, no discipline. This book laid out so much information in a clear, visual way that I learned and tried out a new cast-on method and continental knitting. Her website also features a number of video tutorials which for me is the best way to learn.

I also stopped by Knitting in Color for the great tutorial blog posts available there. If you have any questions about colourwork, check out this website- it is very informative and the author has put in a lot of work trying to help people solve their knitting problems.

Another Wee Hat
another wee hat

Little hats are so fun and quick to knit! This wee hat is almost exactly the same as the other one I knitted except I purled the first row, giving the brim a different effect. I think I like both brim styles equally. I cast on for a full-size hat using thick and thin for the brim but didn’t have a clear vision in mind for what the rest of the hat would look like so I stopped after about an inch or so and will pick it up again when I have thought things through.