Yay! – another knitting-related birthday present! Two good friends of mine generously gave me “Domiknitrix” and this hilarious card today. Both the book and card are from Venus Envy, a great local shop. “Venus Envy is an education-oriented sex shop and book store” (from their website). It is such an awesome store that they even carry cool craft books. (Edit: The card says “from us bitches” NOT “from us, bitch”! It just got cut off.)


I am so happy with this present, it looks like a wonderful book so far. It’s a lot more substantial than many knitting books I’ve seen. It includes lots of pictures, great projects and really detailed instruction and tutorials. I’m excited to start knitting something from the book, but I haven’t decided what it will be yet. The Mohawk Hat and Valentine’s pillow look interesting. Also, I have never knit a sweater before but there are some really nice patterns that are tempting me to get started like the Li’l Red Riding Hoodie and the Swizzle vest.

Tiny hat
tiny hat

I have this idea of knitting a hat in worsted weight yarn and a bulky thick and thin together. I experimented by knitting this tiny hat. I cast on with Woolly Bully thick and thin and knit the main part of the hat in Cascade 220 Heathers. This whole had was knit in stockinette. I am knitting another mini hat purling the first row of stitches to see if I like that style of brim better. I really love the scalloped edge that is created by combining these yarns (it’s not super obvious on the little hat, it would be more so on a full-sized one).

Sunset Mitt
sunset mitt

I finished the first sunset mitt a few days ago and have yet to cast on the second one. I haven’t been knitting much this week, but I’ll make up for that this weekend!