Birthday yarn
new yarn!

I went out after work and bought this present for myself – $50 worth of yarn. Brown, blue, pink, purple and green Cascade 220 and one skein of yellow King Cole. This will be my first time working with the Cascade heathers. They are so beautiful! The yarn has subtle flecks of accent colour – I tried to capture the effect with the below photo.

Cascade heathers
cascade heathers

I’m basically too excited about my yarn purchase to focus and decide what to start knitting first and with which colours (all the colours?)  One day I will actually buy yarn that I have a specific project in mind for.

“Natural Dyeing”
natural dying

The last birthday knitting gift I want to mention is a great book, “Natural Dyeing” by Jackie Crook. This beautiful, thoughtfully organized and informative book is about dyeing fiber with roots, woods, flowers and food. I can’t wait to try out some of these recipes (especially purple cabbage which yields a bright turquoise dye) but I need to get my hands on some supplies first.