Me wearing my helmet hat

Me in my helmet hat

Here’s a picture of the helmet had on my head, as per cosy’s request. The problem with the way I made the earflaps is that they roll up (as seen in the picture). So, I plan on doing something about this such as tying them together with a cord tied under the chin.

Yesterday afternoon A friend dropped by with a mini birthday cake for me. What a nice surprise. Black forest cake with whipped-cream/ cream cheese icing and almonds. YUM! Here’s what was left of it by the time I could tear myself away and get the camera:

mini bday cake

Also, last night I took it upon myself to make another birthday cake. It’s a chocolate fudge cake decorated with coconut, juice bears and white and dark chocolate.

second bday cake
gummy bear avalanche!

Knitting update – sunset mittens:

sunset mitt

And finally, a knitting update – the first sunset mitt is almost finished! Mitten knitting is so much fun. I want to try out a mitten pattern. If anyone has any suggestions for patterns or books, please let me know.

And thanks again to all the commenters on my blog – you make my day!